Weed Control in Your Lawn

If you’re getting ready to lay sod or spread grass seed, weed control starts here. Make sure the seed or sod that you purchase is high enough quality that it does not contain weeds or weed seeds.

The most important factor when it comes to controlling weeds in your yard is to keep your lawn thick and healthy so that weeds don’t have a place to grow. Cultivating your lawn into a strong defender is best accomplished through regular watering, dethatching, and fertilization, as well as proper and frequent mowing. And always be sure to mow before the weeds are tall enough to sprout seeds, otherwise you will be seeding your lawn with weeds every time you mow.

If weeds have already overtaken your yard, you will probably need a good herbicide treatment program. There are two different types of herbicides: those you apply before the weed sprouts, and those you apply after the weed is already growing. Applying the right herbicide, to the right weed, at the right time, is important if you want to win the battle. And most infestations will require multiple treatments over the course of the year, so be sure to keep track of when you last applied and mark your calendar for the next treatment.

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